What You Should Know About Free New Car Price Quotes

By Michael Royce
Consumer advocate, former car salesman

Getting free online price quotes for your new car is a great way to save money, time and hassles. But before you decide to take advantage of this valuable free service, it's important to understand what's really happening.

What's Really Going On

When you visit a "free price quotes" website, you'll be asked to choose the vehicle make, model and options you want to buy (or are thinking of buying). You'll also be asked for some basic info such as your name and e-mail address. In return, you'll receive - via e-mail - low bottom-line selling prices for that vehicle from dealerships in your area.

You then compare the various prices to find the lowest one. If you like that low price, you simply visit the dealership's Internet Department, sign the papers and drive your new car home - no haggling, no hassles. It's that easy. If you don't like the price, then simply do nothing. There's no obligation to buy.

Now here's the whole truth:

  • The dealerships that give you the price quotes have paid money to the website to grab you as a customer. In other words, the dealerships have paid for the opportunity to have a crack at your business.
  • The lowest price you receive may not necessarily be the lowest price that you can buy that new vehicle for. There may be another dealership in your area that's willing to sell it at even a lower price.
  • The car salesman or sales manager at the dealership will probably try very hard to sell you other profit-making items such as extended service warranty, paint protection and, of course, financing.

Expert Advice

Don't rush out and buy a car without doing some research. Taking things step-by-step will help you to avoid getting ripped-off. And most importantly, be sure to relax. Remember that an unscrupulous car salesman wants you to be hurried and emotionally-charged.

First, get your free price quotes from a reliable source such as Edmunds. There are no "tricks" or "catches". The price quotes you'll receive are absolutely free and you are under no obligation of any kind.

Once you get the various selling prices for the vehicle you want to buy, compare them to find the lowest. Then you have several good options:

  • You can go to the dealership that gave you the lowest price and buy the vehicle at that price.
  • You can try to negotiate the lowest quoted price with the dealership that gave it to you in order to get the price even lower. There's nothing that says you can't.
  • You can take the lowest quoted price and shop it around to other dealerships to see if any of them are willing to beat it.
  • You can do nothing. If you feel unsure or uncertain, then set it aside. You are not obligated to buy anything.

Regardless of whether you're ready to buy a car now or not, it's worth a few minutes of your time to get these low bottom-line selling prices.

TIP: Use the lowest price you receive to compare with any other prices or offers you may receive.

There's no cost, no obligation and no pressure to buy. It's one of the best uses of the Internet for car buyers and shoppers.

Get free price quotes right now:


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“Getting free price quotes is one of the best uses of the Internet for car buyers.”