Car Buyer's FAQ
Your most frequently asked car-buying questions -- answered by former car salesman Michael Royce.

How can I get out of my lease early?
How can a dealership sell a car at a price that is close to their invoice price and still make a profit?
How can I see the car dealership's factory invoice?
What are the tricks to those low-interest-rate financing specials?
Why do they make you fill out a credit application even if you're paying cash for your new car?
What advice can you give a teenager buying a new car?
What should I expect when I buy a car that is in high demand?
How much of a discount do I get if I am paying cash?
How are car salesmen paid and how much do they earn?
What can I expect if my credit is blemished?
How do I find out how much the dealer paid for the car?
What can we do about the dealership's documentation fee?
What is the difference between the "invoice price" and the "sticker price"?
Why wouldn't the dealership uphold the price they promised us?
Are women and minorities treated differently than white males at dealerships?
How can a dealership advertise a new car at a price lower than the invoice price?
Why does negotiating at a dealership take so long?
Why are some car salesmen so rude?
How important is the mileage on a used car?
Is buying a new "demo" (demonstrator) car a good idea?
Why does the salesman ask the customer to fill out a credit application first?
Does the customer have the right to ask to see the factory invoice?
Is ordering a new car from the factory a good idea?
When they ask for a deposit, is it refundable?
What if the vehicle I want to buy is a "hot" seller and hard to find?
How much over the wholesale price should I pay for a used car?
What advice do you have for car salesmen to do a better job?
Why do they make the figures (monthly payments, etc.) so confusing?
How much mileage is acceptable on a new car?
What happens if they have to bring in my new car from another dealership?
How can they offer to pay off my trade-in when I owe more than it's worth?
What if there is a factory-to-dealer rebate?
Is a demonstrator ("demo") car considered to be a new or used vehicle?

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