When buying a popular new car, what kind of price negotiation can one expect on a vehicle that is so much in demand?

Vehicle selling prices are determined by supply-and-demand. The more vehicles there are of the make/model you want to buy, the lower the selling price will be. If there are few to be had, the price will be higher. So when you are visiting the dealerships to shop for your new car, be sure to take careful notice of the dealership's inventory.

If you see several vehicles of the same make/model sitting there on the lot, you know that you'll probably be able to buy that vehicle for a low price, perhaps as low as a few hundred dollars over the invoice price.

However, if the vehicle you want to buy is very difficult to find due to high demand (and especially if there is a waiting list), you'll probably end up paying full price - or even more.

Best Advice: Wait until the "buying fever" dies down. Sooner or later the inventory will increase and the prices will drop.

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