We took a test drive and, as we were leaving the dealership, the salesman told us that we could buy the car for a certain low price. When we returned the next week to buy it, he said they could no longer sell it at that price. What happened?

You were the victim of a common scam called "lowballing." The idea is that they give you a price that is so low that no other dealer can beat it or even match it. The problem, as you found out, is that the original dealership can't sell it to you for that price either. Their purpose was simply to get you to come back to the dealership where they would try to get you to buy at a higher price.

Best Advice: Ignore any offers made while on the sales lot or on a test drive. The only prices that are legitimate are those that are offered at the desk during negotiation for the purchase of your car or truck - or those that you receive from a reliable online source.

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