Are women and minorities treated differently at dealerships than white males? Is so, what can a woman or person of color do to get the same deal as everyone else?

A study done by researchers at the Yale School of Management in New Haven, Connecticut found that women and minorities pay, on the average, about $500 more for their new cars than white males.

Part of this difference can be explained by the fact that women and minorities often earn less than white males or often have weaker credit so they cannot qualify for the best loans and the lowest interest rates. But it would be na´ve to think that discrimination doesn't play a part.

According to the study, some car dealerships in white neighborhoods were found to offer better interest rates than their counterparts in ethnic neighborhoods while other dealerships flat-out refused to negotiate with minority buyers.

Fortunately, the Internet offers a simple solution to this dilemma. By getting free online price quotes, the buyer can effectively shield his/her ethnic identity and get the same deal as everyone else. When doing business through the Internet, all buyers are equal.

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