I was a bit surprised by the rudeness and bad attitude of some of the car salesmen I met on my recent shopping trips to several dealerships. Is this typical? Why are they so rude?

The rudeness or bad attitude that some car salesmen sometimes exhibit comes from the many pressures of selling cars for commission. If they don't sell a car, they can't eat or pay their rent. That's a lot to live with. And in many dealerships, the salesmen are constantly being harassed by their Sales Managers to sell-sell-sell. And the constant stream of customers coming in and out of a busy dealership can get on a car salesman's nerves, too. Adding to all that is the fact that, while car salesmen like to think that they are in control of the car-buying situation, they know deep down that you are the one in control. They know that, at any point, you can simply walk away.

So with lots of money at stake and under so much pressure and with such little control over the situation, the salesmen sometimes feel resentful or frustrated. It is worth noting, however, that there are many car salesmen out there who are kind, professional and helpful.

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