Does the customer have the right to ask to see the factory invoice for a new car or truck?

You certainly have the right to ask to see the factory invoice, but it doesn't necessarily mean they have to show it to you. (FYI: The factory invoice is a statement from the vehicle's manufacturer which shows, among other valuable info, the dealer's wholesale cost for that vehicle.)

With the car business becoming more and more competitive, however, it has become the norm for many dealers to show the factory invoice to their customers during the negotiations - if you ask. So be sure to request to see it when you are sitting at the desk buying your new car or truck.

CAUTION: Asking to see the invoice while on a test drive or on the sales lot is probably not going to do you any good. Wait until you are sitting at the desk.

TIP: Invoice prices for all new vehicles are available online at the very helpful Edmunds website.

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