How many miles should a new car have on it? If it has 70 miles, does that mean that the buyer should negotiate the price down?

New vehicles usually arrive at the dealership from the factory with approximately 3 to 7 miles on them. If you see a new car or truck with that few miles on the odometer, then you can assume that it probably has not been test-driven yet.

Most new vehicles, however, are subjected to numerous test drives and that puts mileage on their odometers. It is not uncommon for new vehicles to have logged upwards of 100 miles in test drives. And in some cases, a new vehicle may have up to several hundred miles on the odometer if it has been driven to the dealership from another dealership in another town.

So 70 miles on a new vehicle is considered reasonable "test drive" mileage and is not a valid reason to negotiate the price down.

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