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About Michael Royce

MICHAEL ROYCE is an outspoken consumer advocate and one of the nation's leading car-buying experts. He is a veteran writer and media guest.

Michael is the author of the best-selling Beat The Car Salesman book. He has also written numerous articles for AOL Autos and AutoWorld magazine. He has appeared on over one hundred radio programs as well as in scores of national and regional magazines and newspapers.

Michael's expertise results from his many years of experience and education as a car salesman in Southern California where he sold several million dollars worth of cars and trucks and earned numerous dealership honors.

Today, he is dedicated to helping car buyers become better and smarter consumers.

"Michael Royce's knowledge of his topic is legendary."
Tony Hawley, WION Radio, Michigan

Q & A with Michael Royce:

What is your car sales experience?

MICHAEL: Most of my car sales experience was in Southern California, the world's largest car market. I sold domestic cars (including Chevrolet, Ford and Lincoln-Mercury) and foreign cars (including Honda, Mazda and BMW). I worked at small neighborhood dealerships with a friendly slow pace and I worked at large dealerships with high-pressure tricky tactics. I worked for Sales Managers who truly cared about their customers and I worked for Sales Managers who were ruthless predators.

Why do you hate car salesmen so much?

MICHAEL: I don't hate car salesmen. But the fact of the matter is that the entire "car-buying game" is tilted heavily towards the dealership. Car salesmen have lots of techniques and tricks they can use to make a profitable sale. And they are pros - they practice their game all day, every day. Most car buyers, on the other hand, are car-buying amateurs since they only play the "car-buying game" once every few years. As for me, I'm only trying to level the playing field by revealing the inside secrets that the dealerships don't want the public to know - but that they should know. The information I offer on this website is the same information I would offer my own mother if she were buying a car.

Isn't it unfair to blame car salesmen?

MICHAEL: To a certain degree, yes. The truth is that the manner in which cars are sold at any particular dealership is determined by the Sales Manager, not the salesmen. The salesmen are merely "players" in the game and are subject to the dictates of the Sales Manager. But ultimately, it is the Owners of the dealerships who are to blame. They are the ones who allow and sometimes even encourage the Sales Managers to use unfair sales tactics.

Some say this website is bad news for car salesmen since you expose their secrets. What do you think?

MICHAEL: I don't think this website is bad for car salesmen. If I was still selling cars, I would want my customers to have the information that this website provides. It would make it much easier for me as a salesman to walk my customers through the sales steps since they would understand what I was doing. And I wouldn't have to explain every detail to them since they would be well-educated about buying a car. I truly think that this website is a win-win for both buyers and sellers.

What advice do you have for car salesmen?

MICHAEL: My advice and selling tips for car salesmen can be found here.Advice For Car Salesmen

Can we see what you look like? Where's your photo?

MICHAEL: I like helping people, not confronting or being confronted by them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of angry car salesmen out there who would like nothing more than to confront me. So I've removed my photo from this website and I'm keeping a low public profile.

Why did you start this website?

MICHAEL: This website first went online in April 1996 as a companion to my Beat The Car Salesman book. It's been online continuously ever since. In 2003, I chose to stop publication of my book and, instead, offer its entire contents on this website as a free service to car buyers. You can read the latest online version of my book here.

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