The dealership doesn't have the exact car I want to buy in stock. Is it a good idea to order a new car from the factory?

Ordering a car from the factory can be a good deal - if you know what you are doing. But getting the dealership to cooperate isn't always that easy. That's because they don't like custom-ordering vehicles from the factory. And that's because they know that you can easily cancel the deal at any point and then they're stuck with a custom-ordered car.

If you do decide to order a vehicle, reassure the dealership that you will take the car when it arrives (even though in most states, you legally don't have to take it). With that, they'll probably ask you for a hefty deposit to seal the deal. If you are serious about buying, give them the deposit - but make certain that it is fully refundable if you do cancel. (Make this clear with them.)

By the way, the car salesman may tell you that ordering a vehicle from the factory will cost you more than if you bought the same new car off the lot. The truth is that ordering a vehicle from the factory should cost you about the same - or even less - than if you bought the same new car off the lot. That's because the dealership knows that your factory-ordered car will leave the dealership as soon it arrives thereby saving them on "flooring" charges (financing fees the dealership must pay to the bank for their inventory of cars). So don't pay more for your new vehicle simply because you're ordering from the factory.

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