The Goal Of The Car Salesman's Game

The car salesman's game is a game of strategy and, like all strategic games, has a specific goal.

The car salesman's goal is to sell you a car that is in stock at the highest possible price today.
If you've already visited some dealerships, then you may have experienced the kinds of pressure a salesman can exert on you to buy today. There are two reasons why it's so important to him that you buy a car today:

1. Buying today means you're emotionally charged.
The car salesman knows that if he can get you to buy today, before you've done all of your research and before you're fully ready, then you're probably buying because you're hooked emotionally. Maybe you're turned by the smell and feel of the car. Maybe you're excited by the anticipation of showing it to your friends. Or maybe you're jazzed by the promise of a super deal.

Whatever it is, you're reacting on an emotional level. And that's exactly what the car salesman wants - because of this important fact:
The emotionally-charged buyer negotiates less effectively and, therefore, ends up paying more for his car than the analytical buyer.
That's important to the car salesman because he works entirely on commission. The more you pay for your car, the more money he earns.

2. Buying today means you won't buy elsewhere.
The car salesmen may think that if you don't buy from him today, he'll never see you again -- that you'll buy from another salesman who is more aggressive or clever.

How does the car salesman accomplish his goal? By following a step-by-step game plan. He may learn the plan in seminars and classes. He may practice the plan in role-playing workshops or simply by daily trial-and-error. He follows the plan because it works.

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