Closing The Deal

With the car salesman in the Sales Manager's office, once again you sit and wait. As you do, the car salesman and his Manager are discussing their strategy, trying to determine what phrase or gimmick they can use to get you to raise your bid again.

Eventually the salesman comes back -- but he's not alone. He introduces you to his boss: the Sales Manager. This is a classic car sales strategy called "T.O." for "Turn Over." The idea is that turning the deal over to a "figure of authority" will be just the trick to get you to see it their way. They figure that you can't argue with this guy because he's the boss. Besides, you're tired. So is your salesman. But this new guy is just getting started.

So the Manager explains to you with great assurance why you can't possibly buy the car for the price you want. And he explains why his offer is so great that you would be a fool for not jumping on it.

In reality, this "manager" may not be the actual Sales Manager at all. He may be another car salesman who's play-acting the part. It doesn't matter, though, because what's really happening here is that they are testing you. They want to know how much you know about their business. They want to see how easily you can be pursuaded. And most importantly, they want to know how much money you can really spend.

(Many car salesmen have a motto: "Buyers are liars." They don't believe much of what you're telling them about what you're willing to spend.)

Now they pull out all the stops. They may plead with you. They may try to scare you into thinking that if you don't grab the deal right now, it will forever disappear. They may try to convince you that you are "uneducated" about these matters and can't recognize a great deal when you see one. They may bring in another "manager" who will further try to convince you to buy that car now. They may even try to insult you, or worse, fully intimidate you.

It's all part of their strategy designed to wear you out even more. It doesn't matter if you get upset or frustrated because you can't leave. Remember, they've got your car keys. If you ask for your keys, they may play the "Oops-We-Can't-Find-Your-Car-Keys" ploy.

Sooner or later, however, this part of the game comes to an end.

The negotiation finally ends when:
  • They are convinced that you absolutely cannot or will not go any higher in your price.
  • They know they are a making a profit, even a minimal one.
When these conditions are met, you get the congratulatory handshake. You've bought that car. And now it's all over. Or so you think . . .

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