Recap - Step One:
Understanding The Car Salesman's Game

The car salesman's goal:

  • He wants to sell you a car that is in stock.
  • He wants to sell you that car at the highest possible price.
  • He wants to sell you that car today.
When you're on the sales lot:
  • He tries to get you to trust him.
  • He asks you questions to learn as much about as you he can.
  • He tries to get you emotionally-charged about a car that is in stock.
  • He tries to get you to test drive that car in order to raise your "emotional temperature."
When you're in the office for negotiations:
  • No matter how much you offer to pay for the car, the salesman will probably say it's not enough.
  • He is constantly testing you to determine how much more money you can spend and how much you know about his business.
  • In order for him to win his game, he wants to be in control of you and the buying situation.
  • The negotiation ends when they are convinced that you can not, or will not, go any higher in your price -- and they are making a profit, even a minimal one.
When you're in the Business Office:
  • The Business Manager is, most likely, a salesperson working on commission.
  • Almost every "add-on" the Business Manager offers you - extended warranty, paint protection, perhaps even your interest rate - may be negotiable.

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