How To Have Fun Shopping

Sure you're going to eventually be spending a lot of money, but that's no reason you can't enjoy your shopping trips. Here are a few tips to help you lose the stress and have fun:

1. Share the adventure.
Invite your spouse or friend to join you on your shopping expedition. Be sure to explain to them your shopping goals and step-by-step game plan so they can play along.

2. Get emotionally charged if you want.
On this, your first shopping trip, don't get too analytical about the features and details of every car you check out. That will come in later shopping trips. Remember, your purpose is simply to see which cars fit your needs and budget and, of those, which ones you like. So fully enjoy test-driving the cars and don't worry if you get emotionally charged by it all. Why? Because no matter what happens, you're absolutely not going to buy a car yet. So relax and enjoy the adventure.

3. Don't take many notes while you shop.
Some salesmen feel that shoppers who take detailed notes are probably not going to buy a car today or even tomorrow, so they sometimes tend to pay less attention to these customers. You want the salesman's full attention when you shop, so don't take many notes. Pertinent information can be written down after the test drive.

4. Remember that it's only a game.
At this point, you know a lot about the car salesman and his game. As a result, you may find his lines, his posturing and his ploys amusing at times. Enjoy it.
And don't be concerned if you feel somewhat nervous or intimidated when you first walk into the dealership. Feelings such as these are normal, particularly if you don't have much experience dealing with car salesmen. Once you've gotten your feet wet at the first few dealerships, the things you've learned so far in this course will start to make more sense, you'll gain confidence, and you'll do just fine. So relax and have fun.

Now review the recap on the next page. When you feel comfortable with your game plan, get out there and enjoy your shopping adventure.

When you return, you're ready for Step Three in which you'll discover how to decide which car is really the right one for you.

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