Recap - Step Two:
Car Shopping With Confidence

NOTE: "Shopping" for a vehicle is not the same as "buying." "Shopping" means checking out the various brands and models, test driving the vehicles that interest you and getting the info you need so that you can decide which vehicle you want to buy. Buying that vehicle will be discussed later in "Step 5: Buying Like An Expert."

Before you go car shopping:

  • Consider what's important to you in a vehicle.
  • Consider the type of vehicle you need and want.
  • Consider the equipment options you need and want.
  • Consider your budget.
Remember these facts about the car salesman:
  • He needs you more than you need him.
  • He is not really in control. You are.
  • He may say anything to sell you a car, so be on your guard.
  • Ignore his offers and come-ons.
Your shopping goals:
  • See which cars fit your needs and budget.
  • Of those cars, see which ones you like.
  • Test-drive those cars.
  • Get brochures and/or other helpful information.
  • Leave!
Your shopping game plan:
  • Greet the car salesman warmly.
  • Tell him your needs and price range.
  • See if you like any of the vehicles he shows you.
  • If you do, read the window sticker.
  • Sit inside the car and check out the interior.
  • If you like it, ask for a test drive.
  • After the test drive, get a brochure.
  • Ask the salesman lots of questions.
  • Thank the salesman politely -- then leave!
  • No matter what happens, don't buy a car yet.

Be a smart car buyer. Get a free price quote.

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