Your Car Shopping Goals

NOTE: "Shopping" for a vehicle is not the same as "buying." "Shopping" means checking out the various brands and models, test driving the vehicles that interest you and getting the info you need so that you can decide which vehicle you want to buy. Buying that vehicle will be discussed later in "Step 5: Buying Like An Expert."

When you walk into the dealership, it's important to know why you are there. If you're not perfectly clear about what you hope to accomplish, then you may find yourself in an uncomfortable situation that you may later regret. You'd be surprised at how many people buy cars they had no intention of buying because some slick salesman took advantage of their lack of purpose and planning.

So to save yourself time and hassles, focus on these goals when you go on your first shopping trip:

  • See which cars fit your needs and budget.
  • Of those cars, see which ones you like.
  • Test-drive those cars.
  • Get brochures and other helpful information.
  • Leave!
That's it. What you're not going to do is buy a car yet.

How will you accomplish these goals? By following an easy step-by-step shopping game plan . . .

Forget the car-buying games! Get a free price quote!

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