Visit The Dealerships Again

Once you've done some research and learned more about the cars that you're considering, then it's time to visit the dealerships at least one more time. However, unlike your earlier shopping expeditions which were intended to be fun, this trip should be more thoughtful.

The purpose of this shopping trip is to analyze the cars that you are considering for purchase.
Where To Shop
You can go back to the same dealerships that you visited previously, however you may want to visit other dealerships, perhaps in a different part of town. Visiting a variety of dealerships gives you valuable experience in dealing with different types of car salesmen and sales styles.

By the way, if you do visit a dealership you visited previously, be sure to ask for the same car salesman. He'll be flattered that you remembered him. Tell him that you're much closer to making a decision and that you'd like to see the car again. Reassure him that, if you do decide to buy this car, you'll certainly buy it from him.

When To Shop
As before, try to visit the dealerships on a weekday or weekday evening when the salesman will be less busy and more willing to give you his attention.

Your Shopping Goals
Focus on these specific goals while you shop to keep from being led astray by the salesman:
  • Get a closer look at the cars you are considering.
  • Test drive those cars analytically.
  • Ask questions to learn as much as you can.
  • Leave.
Regardless of any offers the car salesman may make, don't buy a car yet. If, however, you feel certain that you do want to buy a particular car, be sure to read the rest of this online course first.

Shopping Tips
Keep it simple. As you look over and test drive the cars you're considering for purchase, ask yourself these questions:
  • Do I like the look and styling of the car?
  • Can I see myself driving it for the next few years?
  • Is the trunk or cargo area large enough for my needs?
  • Is the trunk or cargo area easily accessible for my needs?
  • Is the driver's seat comfortable?
  • Is there enough head room and leg room?
  • Do I like the layout of the dashboard?
  • Are the various switches and knobs within easy reach?
  • Are the front and rear passenger seats comfortable?
  • Is there enough head room and leg room for my passengers?
  • Does the car accelerate to my liking?
  • Does the car respond the way I like?
  • Does the car handle well when cornering?
  • How effective are the brakes?
  • How does the car feel?
  • How do I feel driving this car?
Finally, be sure to ask the salesman any questions you may have about the car, factory rebates and other details. Learn as much as you can. And when you're all done, don't forget to thank him for his time and attention.

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