Taking Delivery of Your New Car

After you've signed your name a zillion times on the various contracts and you've survived the Business Manager's sales pitches, you can finally relax. The hard part is over. It's time to take delivery of your car.

When you exit the Business Office, the car salesman will greet you and walk you outside to your vehicle. Here's what to look for:

  • Be certain that you receive the Owner's Manual, the Factory Warranty Book and an extra set of keys.
  • Check the vehicle over carefully once again for dings, dents and scratches.
  • Ask the salesman to demonstrate the vehicle's features including its various buttons, knobs and switches.
  • If you don't understand something, ask.
And with that, you're set. The salesman will shake your hand one last time as you get into your new car. You sit inside, positioning yourself comfortably behind the wheel. You take a deep breath.

This is it. You've done it. All of your research and hard work has paid off and now this awesome car will officially become yours.

You turn the key and the engine revs. Your heart pounds. You slip the transmission into gear and a smile comes to your face.

Now you step on the gas. The car glides forward. You accelerate, drive off the lot and merge flawlessly into the flow of passing traffic. You're off in your brand new car!

Now review the recap on the next pages. Be sure that you fully understand your buying goals and game plan before you set out to purchase your car. You may want to read through this entire step at least one more time.

And remember, as in any game, practice makes perfect. If you're not successful in achieving your buying goals on your first attempt, don't be concerned. Try again.

You've gained a lot of powerful knowledge - so be confident. You will beat the car salesman!

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