The Best Price

Many car buyers become overly concerned with buying at the "best price" -- the absolute rock-bottom price that a car can be bought for. Frankly, this concern is mostly a waste of time.

All dealers of a particular brand pay the same price for their cars. Therefore, they can all sell those cars for the same price. They try to make a killing on each car they sell. That's what their game is all about.

But there is a specific minimum profit that they are willing to accept on each car and that's usually in the neighborhood of several hundred dollars to a thousand dollars over their cost (invoice price). Buying a car at that price gives you the money-saving deal you deserve and allows the dealer the small profit that he is entitled to.

So to save yourself time and hassles, don't be concerned about buying your car at the absolute rock-bottom best price. That's a trap. Your concern should be about buying your car at a reasonable price.

A reasonable price is one that represents a good deal for you and a fair profit for the dealership.
If after getting a reasonable price, you still want the rock-bottom best price, here's what you should do:

Take the reasonable price that you received and go from dealership to dealership and try to find one that may be willing to beat your already low price by fifty, a hundred, maybe even two hundred dollars. If you look long enough, you'll probably find one willing to do so. But you have to ask yourself: is it worth it? Is it worth all of the work, time, stress and energy to save another fifty or hundred dollars? Probably not.

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