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New Cars and Trucks
Some "experts" will tell you that the best place to buy your new car or truck is at your local neighborhood dealership where you're more likely to get better service. In reality, the service mechanics probably don't care where you bought your vehicle. To them, a job is a job. Besides, the factory warranty for your new vehicle is valid at any dealership of that brand anywhere in the United States.

So where is the best place to buy? Remember the car salesman's goal: he wants to sell you a car that is in stock. If he has the car you want to buy right there on his lot and you make it clear to him that you're willing to drive that car home today, then his Sales Manager is much more likely to sell you that car at the reasonable price you want. Therefore:

The best place to buy your new car or truck is at any dealership that has the vehicle you want to buy in stock.
If you're not sure which dealership has the vehicle you want to buy, your safest bet is go to the largest dealership in your area. They're the most likely to have that vehicle in stock and probably the most willing to sell that vehicle at a reasonable price. (While smaller dealerships have lower overhead, they sometimes need to make larger profits to make up for their lack of volume.)

By the way, if you get on the telephone and call around to the various dealerships trying to locate the car you want to buy, you may be setting yourself up for a fall. Since the car salesman wants you to come in to the dealership, it's a common practice for him to lie and tell you that, indeed, the car is on his sales lot. "I can see the car with my own eyes right now," he'll say. When you arrive at the dealership, you discover that the car was "just sold" moments earlier. Then the car salesman tries to switch you into another car that he in stock.

If you do choose to call around to the dealerships to locate the car you want to buy, tell the salesman on the phone exactly what you want. Then make this perfectly clear to him: if the vehicle is there when you arrive at the dealership, you will buy it today. If it is not there when you arrive, you will absolutely not consider buying any other vehicle. Upon hearing that, if the car salesman is a good guy, he may be honest with you.

Used Car and Trucks
Most every used car and used car buying situation is unique so, in the end, you may not have a choice as to where buy your vehicle. This is especially true if you are looking for a very particular vehicle or type of vehicle. Therefore, the best place to buy your used car or truck is from whoever has the vehicle you want to buy. However, if you have a choice of buying locations, choose the largest one.

Regardless of where you buy your used car or truck, whether it's from an individual seller or from a large high-volume dealership, be certain to get -- in writing -- a detailed receipt as well as any agreements you may have made with the seller.

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