Getting Ready To Go

When you walk into the dealership to buy your car, it pays to be prepared and ready to do business. So here's what you should know:

What To Bring
Carry with you the following items:

  • The invoice price or wholesale price for the car you want to buy
  • Any price quotes (or other helpful prices) you received via the Internet
  • Checkbook and/or cash for down payment
  • Loan documents if you have pre-approved financing
  • Auto insurance information including proof of coverage
  • Driver's license
  • Title and registration if you are trading-in your old car
  • Pocket calculator if you have one
Who To Bring
If the vehicle is going to be jointly-owned with someone else, such as your spouse (or if you have a co-signer), that person should accompany you when you buy the vehicle since they will be required to sign the paperwork. If they can't be with you, you can still buy the car but you probably won't be able to drive it home until the other person signs the papers. If that person lives in another city or state, the dealership will probably be willing to send the papers to them for their signature.

If you are buying the vehicle for yourself, you might find it more comfortable if you have a friend with you for support. A friend who has no real emotional or financial investment in the purchase can often help in making objective decisions. Be sure to explain to your companion your exact buying goals and buying game plan before you go.

What To Wear
Your best bet is to dress comfortably. Wear something casual that you feel good and relaxed in, but avoid looking like a slob. And don't overdress. Dressing too business-like or dressing up can really put the salesman off.

Don't Forget To Eat First!
The car buying process will probably take longer than you think. So eat before you go. The last thing you want is to lose your energy in the middle of negotiating.

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