The Best Time to Buy Your New Car or Truck

By Michael Royce
Consumer advocate, former car salesman

Certain times are better for buying a car or truck than others, so try to plan when you will buy.

Best Time of the Year
Some "experts" will tell you that you can get a better deal on your vehicle in the dead of the winter when sales are slow. The truth is that you can get a great deal any month of the year if you know what you are doing. And if you follow the steps in my free Car Buyer's School, you will know what you are doing. So don't be concerned about what month it is.

Best Time of the Month
Auto dealerships chart their sales on a monthly basis. Sales Managers target monthly sales quotas. Car salesmen earn bonuses for selling a certain number of cars each month. Therefore, the best time to buy a car or truck is at the end of the month when Sales Managers may be desperate to meet their quotas and salesmen may be desperate to achieve their bonuses.

Best Time of the Week
Dealerships tend to go into "high gear" on weekends, trying to sell as many cars and trucks as they can in a two or three day period. This is to your advantage. Plan on buying your vehicle on a weekend. (Some smart buyers try to arrive at the dealership first thing Saturday morning when there is usually a bonus for the salesman who sells the first car of the weekend, or Sunday afternoon when the Sales Manager is struggling to meet his weekend quotas.)

The bottom line is this:

The best time to buy your new car or truck is the last weekend of any month.

Excerpted from Michael Royce's free online Car Buyer's School.

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