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Here's what salesmen are telling Michael Royce -- (excerpts from actual emails).

"Great website, I love it! 22 years in the car business has shown me that the more educated the consumer is, the easier it is to sell them a car and keep the customer happy. Each year customers seem to have more and more information available to them, which means they spend less time at the dealership, which enables me to sell more cars and make a great living. I think your website is a win win for everybody. Keep up the great work."

"Why don't you quit bashing the car salesman you piece of sh*t. We are hard working Americans who deal with the biggest liars in the world (customers). Just because you got beat up in high school by a guy who now sales cars doesn't give you the right to bash us. We are here to make a profit and feed our family's, just like everyone else. I bet you make more money than me and you do sh*t to earn it. Say hi to your mother and and go kill yourself. Thank you."

"I am a female working on the sales floor ... in Cary, NC and I am apalled at this entire website. YOU are the reason my job is hard; YOU are the reason I get beat up at work every day by consumers; and YOU are the reason everyone hates car salesmen. I cannot even imagine what your motives are in posting information like this to the public. Have you ever thought about this? When you go to the grocery store, do you walk up to the counter with a gallon of milk and say, I'll give ya two bucks for this milk? NO. The milk company wants to make a profit. WELL I DONT WORK FOR FREE, and Im sick and tired of people coming into my place of business and beating the hell out of me because of people like you."

"I own a used car store and I love for the buyer to be or at least they think they are smarter then us. I make plenty off of them, every sale. Every day there is a new ass for a new seat, just have to turn their pockets inside out. Then I go to the bank and make my deposit. Made several million in my lifetime off informed buyers that think they can beat our ole boys club."

"I am a career car salesman and have been doing it for a long time. Obviously, I find your site absolutely repulsive. I look at it like your trying to take bread from my families mouth!! Why don't you get a career, and stop trying to profit off of a business that is a huge part of America's economy. It's people like you that make my job difficult. You are trying to explain economics and financing to the masses of people out there that in most cases have marginal intelligence."

"I was a car salesman for over a year and learned many of the techniques you speak of. The only thing I did not like was that some companies (Ford for instance) do offer great leasing deals such as RCO and RCLS and it can be a great option. Other than that one problem I thought you had a great amount of tips and hints for consumers. Good job!"

"You sir, are taking food out of my family's mouth..."

"I've been in the car business for several years and at many dealerships. For the most part we as salesmen are exactly as you have said. The truth may hurt but you've nailed us and our motives."

"Jeez, let me guess. You used to be a car salesman.... not a very good one I'm sure... Mr Royce scam artist!!!!! Or should i say an old salesman that couldnt make it in the CAR BUSINESS!!!! Been on a slick spot long???"

"I LOVE your website - consumers SHOULD be informed; it makes them better consumers, and easier to sell, because they tend to come in already knowing what they want..."

"Way to go. You have found a way to make money by letting people think you are helping them. Like you really care. How about telling people that if they wouldn't always go to other towns for as little as $50 savings there wouldn't be as much bartering."

"The dealership owners are the real snakes. They make the employees work long hours with no benefits and they are raking in the dough. I do like what you said about treating the car salesman with respect. That is a way to get a sure deal."

"While I realize you are offering a valuable service to consumers, I personally take exception to the way you portray car salesmen. I personally am a car sales person who has been at this 'game' for over 20 years. I am nothing more than a honest person trying to make a living like any other poor working slob."

"You do not know what your talking about! ... Do you go to your local restaurant and haggle over the price of their food? Or to your local grocer and haggle over the price of the groceries your about to buy?"

"It's people like you who put a stereotype on Car Salesmen."

"I have been selling cars for four years now. ... Basically you're cashing in by whoring for the other side by selling out the infrastructure on how we try and earn a living. Why else would you be doing this to an industry that apparantly has been really good to you? ... And just for the record, every 'well-versed' consumer who comes in trying to apply your advice always ends up being the worst customers who continually want and want ... taking away my time from other sales and more food on my table!"

"I just want to ask you and the consumer one simple question. WOULD YOU WORK FOR FREE? Obviously your answer would be NO. So why does everyone think that we the car salespersons should work for free? ... We are just trying to make a living just like you! This society never downs anyone else for making money and how they made it. Everyone just wants to be successful in their life. Is that such a crime?"

"I appreciate the advice you are providing to potential car buyers. I have been in automotive sales for 5 years and have done pretty well for myself. Sure, I admit that some information is best left out of the consumers hands, but it is possible to still make a good living dealing with over-educated customers. Most of the disgruntled salespeople with negative comments are undoubtedly the ones who lie and/or say anything to sell a car. Car buyers expect a sleaze ball, that's our reputation. Showing the consumer that you are there to help them buy a car, and are sincere about it, goes a long way! You don't have to trick a customer in order to keep a decent profit on a vehicle. That's the lazy way to do things. Show the customer that you care about them, before, during, and after they buy the car, and people will WANT to buy a car from you (and tell their family and friends to buy from you) and just might be willing to pay a little extra for your knowledge and courtesy."

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