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"I just wanted to let you know that your info was INVALUABLE! I followed your instructions to the T and it worked. And what amazed me was you were on the spot with how the salesmen would respond to me (especially since I'm a woman). Being prepared made such a HUGE difference. It's amazing how simple, enjoyable conversation, going back and forth with respectable negotiating can get you a good price." -- Cherry, Santa Barbara, California

"Your honest, educational information saved me $3,500 when purchasing my new Hyundai Veracruz, on top of the $1,000 cash rebate! I walked out of three other dealerships before finding one that would listen to the logic of real numbers. First thing I said was "let's talk about sales price first, I don't want to discuss trade-in, financing, or down payment until then." Next thing I said was "I'm keeping the factory/consumer rebate, so let's not muddy the math with that." It was pretty hard for them to wiggle after that, and then I said I had to meet a friend for lunch and they panicked, and dropped another $500 and added bluetooth for free. I went to lunch anyway, came back, and thanked them for a great deal and told them I was ready to sign! I got a very good deal on exactly the car I wanted, thanks to your advice!" -- Nancy, St. Charles, Missouri

"Thank you for saving me $3,000 on the purchase of my new Mustang. I bought the car for under the invoice price. I had to walk out of three dealerships because they were so frustrated by my inside knowledge. By the way my incentives and rebates haven't been applied so I will save even more!" -- Rick T., Lombard, Illinois

"Thanks for your invaluable advice. I saved over $3,000 on a car -- no kidding -- because of you and I wholeheartedly recommend this site to anyone who's going car shopping." -- Hiran, Newark, New Jersey

"I've never had so much fun buying a used truck. I am in the truck capital of the US. I also have made about a dozen car dealerships upset with me. They didn't realize it but they were really upset with you. When I started seeing the car buying experience as a game it really became just that, a game. I watched and every single time I went to shop for a truck they all tried the same tactics you discuss in your free 'Car Buyer's School'. ... Thanks to you I was in complete control the whole time and saved a fortune to boot. I remained professional with everybody and had a great laugh at the expense of the finance manager. I no longer dread trading vehicles. Thank you." -- Troy, Goodlettsville, Tennessee

"The info I used from this website was invaluable. I am a woman of color who has experienced plenty of negative encounters with car salesmen. NOT THIS TIME! I negotiated like a champ. After it was all over the salesman said, 'You were the toughest I've had in 13 years.' Of course I took that with a very large grain of salt. When I left the dealership I felt like a new woman. I was able to get the purchase price well below dealer invoice including a $1000 rebate. Thank you for this web site it empowered me to face my fear of the 'Big Bad Salesman'. Keep up the good work!" -- Lenore S., San Diego, California

"Michael, I can't thank you enough for telling the whole story. It's downright cruel what goes on in those places. I call it criminal activity. I saved thousands by following your book and the 5 tips. ... Remember, it's not dealership beware, but buyer beware." -- Michael T., Southgate, Michigan

"Mr. Royce, I followed your tips on getting a good price and finalizing the deal when I went to purchase my new Mercury Mountaineer yesterday. Believe it or not, your tips saved me over $7,500 off the MSRP not to mention the savings on the interest. ... Sorry I can't send you some of the money that I saved but I thought that at least I would let you know that your advice is very much apreciated. If I were a woman I might even say that I love you for saving me that much money, but I don't go that way. Bye my friend." -- Ruben G., Chicago, Illinois

"This will probably sound like a testimonial, but you've inspired a confidence that I didn't know I had. If I can handle a dealer with this kind of aggressiveness (while having fun, of course), hell, I can handle anybody. By the way, the extra $3,500 that I beat him out of sure helped at Christmas. Thanks Mike." -- Steve D., San Francisco, California

"Mr. Royce, I really hate the whole negotiating game that they make you go through, so after reading your book, I decided to try it as you describe in Step Five. I called the dealership and said the lines exactly as you have them. I couldn't believe it! They gave me an incredibly low price for the exact Toyota I wanted right over the phone. They even faxed me their invoice. I went right down to the dealership and signed the papers. So thank you for making my car-buying experience so easy. I actually enjoyed it." -- Helen Y., Toledo, Ohio

"I recently visited your website. Its very informative. I agree with what you say. I've recently had the games played by me at a local new car dealership. I am doing research on the auto industry and surprised at the level of deception bordering illegal activities. Keep up the good work." -- Pierre N., West Palm Beach, Florida

"Your website was most helpful to me with my recent car purchase. The saleman said and asked everything you said he would. He ran the playbook. With your help I bought a new Honda CRV for $250 over the invoice price plus tax, title and license. (No documentation fee.) I just kept repeating, 'I believe my offer is a fair price'. I had my financing prearranged and I was in and out of the dealership within 45 minutes. It was pretty painless. Thanks again for your help and advice." -- Kelly S., Jackson, Mississippi

"We think your site is great. We took your advice and got a quote from a Blue Oval dealer $4,500 less than ten other dealers!" -- Melanie C., Austin, Texas

"Using your advice, I got the local Ford dealership down to 200 dollars over invoice and I am now driving a brand new Ford Mustang GT Convertible. It is deep forest green with Camel color interior and top with payments that are more than affordable. THANKS A MILLION! Now, Mr. Royce, I have one last question: How do I beat the guy at the gas pump?! Thanks again!" -- Sean S., Washington, D.C.

"Last weekend, I sat down with salesman to finally lease my new Chrysler mini-van. The salesman started doing his usual lines... I could see right through it all and I stuck tight to the buying plans that you teach. He got frustrated and called in the manager. I ended up driving out in my beautiful new mini-van (I love it) and saved about two thousand dollars and, as you promised, lots of 'hassles' too. Thank you, Mike." -- Barbara A., Las Vegas, Nevada

"Tonight, I bought a brand new Toyota Camry with a complete package at a good price because I shopped around. And you were right. What helped me was that when the car salesmen made me a offer, I looked at him without saying anything. He gave me another price. ... I packed my things and started to walk away at the end. I got the car for a couple thousand less (more like 4). Anyway, I want to THANK YOU again and I will make this site one of my usual sites and I will give it to my friends. Thanks and bye." -- J. Y., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"Thank god I looked at your site. We went to a dealership today that said 'Will pay off your loan whatever its worth'. Well I am upside down on my 2004 Pontiac Grand Am. I owe almost 3000 dollars more than it's worth. The car dealer wanted to sell us a new Ford Focus for $11,000...Monthly Payment of $379!!! For 6 YEARS? When I got home I did the math..now how did that 11,000 dollar car get to be $27,288? 50% interest or what they can't get outta my car?? lol." -- Amanda B., San Diego, California

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