Digital Car Keys Are The Safest Way To Access Your Car

The tech and car industry are combined now more than ever, and the ability to control your car using your mobile device is slowly becoming a reality. BMW is the first name in the mainstream car market to have taken the dive into the future of car technology, with other cars soon to follow in the near future

What Do You Need For The Car Key Feature?

The car and the phone need to have NFC capabilities in order to use the useful feature. This is the same technology found in things like key cards, where something in close proximity can be unlocked with the key. Most cars don’t have NFC, but they can be installed on newer models by your automobile dealer.

As for your phone or Apple watch, they already have NFC built-in and are just waiting to be matched up with your vehicle. The feature can also be installed in your home, so you just have to swipe your phone near the door and it should open, just like an access key card.

Can You Use Car Key On Any Device?

As of lately, the feature is only available on Apple products like the latest iPhone and Apple watch. The device has to have the NFC technology installed into it in order for it to work. To access your Car Key, you can find it in your Apple Wallet.

Other Features Of The Car Key

The Car Key feature doesn’t just simple unlock or lock your car; it can also turn it on much like a regular key. The incredible thing about having a digital car key is that there is a way to share it. If a family member or someone you trust would like to use your car or enter your house, you can simply send them the key and they’ll have access for the amount of time that you allow.

There are other things that the Car Key will allow you to control from a distance too, like the speed limit. This is especially useful if you have lent your car out to a teenager or an employee, so as to make sure they aren’t speeding in your car.

Is It Safe?

The reasoning behind the launch of the Car Key feature is all because of safety. The idea is to try and eliminate as many things in your pocket as possible so that you’ll only need your phone when leaving the house. By adding a card to your wallet, and with the fast advancement towards most card readers allowing for digital cards – the only thing left was your car keys.

Now that a phone that you can use to access Lucky Creek Casino, your bank account and so much more is the most valuable thing in your pocket, many people found they were misplacing their car keys now more than ever. It can be too overwhelming to try and keep track of a multitude of items to take with you every time you leave the house, and usually, one thing will mistakenly get left behind.

The Car Key feature also allows for face or fingerprint ID confirmation, so only the owner of the device will be able to use this feature. This feature is optional, and some may opt for it to be taken away so as to have the quickest access possible, but the safety of your car should come before convenience.