Few Service and Maintenance Tips for BMW E30

People considered it as an achievement when they could own a car. However, as time progressed car is no more a luxury item, but rather it has become a necessity.

BMW car is considered to be among the best cars available now. The car needs proper schedule for maintenance and service. Your BMW car will continue to offer you very high performance for many years if you are following all the maintenance schedules regularly.

However, sometimes even with any finely tuned machine too, driving may cause wear and tear. This should be closely monitored and taken care of by a qualified BMW repair technician.

Condor Speed Shop can offer necessary services and supply you with the necessary BMW E30 Parts so that your car will remain in top condition. Here are some tips to service and maintain your BMW 30 car.

1. Always go for routine maintenance

You should never give a miss to any of the routine maintenance of your BMW car so that you can ensure that your car remains in top condition always. Prefer a certified workshop for servicing.

2. Check the fuel and oil levels regularly

You must regularly ensure that all the fluids of brake, coolant, transmission, oil, power steering are at a proper level. Ever if you notice any wet stain of fluid then it is an indication of fluid leakage.

3. Regularly inspect the battery

Never be in a situation when your battery goes dead while you are on the road. You must also ensure that the battery cables are attached very securely and there is no corrosion noticed on the terminals.

4. Take proper care of tires

Regularly check the condition of all the tires and make sure that there is a proper level of air present in all the tires. There should not be any visible cracks or bulging noticed on any of the tires.

5. Any strange noise and odor should never be ignored

Whenever you notice any strange or unfamiliar noise or odor then do not ignore it and try to find the cause. If you fail to detect it then take it to the workshop and get it investigated by the mechanic.

6. Wax and wash your car

You must get your car washed at least once a week and for protecting the shine of the car paint, you must wax the surface of the car. Waxing must be done at least 2 times a year.

7. Check the gaskets and rubber hoses of the engine

While you are checking your tires, take a look under the hood at your engine’s gaskets and rubber hoses. Examine for cracks or damaged seals that might cause poor performance and eventual failure.

8. Regularly check air filters and spark plugs

On each engine, spark plugs must be changed at certain intervals, and air filters should be visually inspected after each oil change. Check the air filters and spark plugs on a regular basis.

Last but not the least, you must always get your car serviced by any authorized service stations and avoid going to ordinary workshops.