Online Casino Facts That Defy Expectations

Some Interesting Facts About Online Casinos

Every gambling enthusiast knows that no deposit online casino is becoming the preferred way to play for real money. Who doesn’t enjoy the convenience, impressive bonuses, and staggering choice of games? But as the industry grows, it is quickly marking off some remarkable benchmarks. Take a look at the interesting facts that indicate just how big, and how versatile, the online gambling market is becoming.

Soon To Become a Behemoth

Remember when digital casinos were made up of awkward interfaces, low resolution graphics, and terrible speeds? Doesn’t that seem just so quant now? Well, in a few years the industry we know now will probably seem pretty quant.

It was recently predicted that by 2027 the industry will have ballooned to a ridiculous US$173.3 billion in annual revenue. That is the sort of money that can melt a mind just thinking about it.

Instant Life Changing Millions

Those are pretty big numbers for operators, but what about for players? The potential is equally as impressive, especially considering that this amount was paid out to a single person. The biggest win in iGaming history happened in 2013 and has yet to be topped. A Finnish player put 25 cents into Mega Fortune, only to be paid out an unbelievable US$24 million.

Imagine having that many zeroes suddenly appear in your bank account.

A Very Popular Activity

If thinking about the population of the entire world, what percentage of that total gamble regularly? A research report suggests that a mind-blowing 1.6 billion people gamble on a regular basis. If taking into account those that don’t play on a regular basis, but do so at least once a year, the number jumps up to 4.2 billion. This means that roughly 26% of all humans on earth regularly enjoy a few games of chance at sites like Big Dollar Casino.

Slots And Blackjack For The Win

But which games are the most popular? It probably goes without saying that, by a vast margin, it is slots that get the most attention. This is true at both online casinos and in land-based establishments. This isn’t surprising, given how fun and convenient the simple games are.

As far as table games are concerned, it is Blackjack that comes out on top. It likely isn’t a coincidence that both of these are based around speedy rounds above all else.

Remembering The Legacy

All industries had to start somewhere, and for iGaming things kicked off back in the 90s. A company called Microgaming created the first gambling focused software in 1994. Don’t look now, but that same company happens to still be active to this very day. Not only that, but they are also considered to be industry leaders. That’s some impressive long-term staying power.

Although Microgaming created the software in in 1994, it wasn’t until 1996 that a real money online platform was established. The site was called InterCasino.

Revolving Around AI

Lastly, AI is an often-overlooked core of digital gambling. Many are aware that search engines use AI to improve results but aren’t aware that the iGaming industry does the same thing.