Top 5 Picturesque Streets and Roads Paintings

Art moves the soul and stirs the rhetoric. It questions the status quo and creates new imagery that redefines the secrets of the past and what meaning they hold for the future.

The concept of the “picturesque” was created by an English clergyman, artist, and writer William Gilpin in his 1768 art treatise essay on prints, in which he defined the picturesque — rather tautologically — as “that kind of beauty which is agreeable in a picture.”

1st art gallery has a collection of top paintings from the past which they reproduce made-to-order in oil paint form. Here are the top 5 picturesque streets and road paintings that you must consider bringing home.

Paris Street- Rainy Weather 1877

Gustave’s depiction of this painting reminds us of the era of impressionism. No wonder he has been a beaconing name in this genre of artwork. This painting is surely a foundation to the maxim – “Paris is always a good idea”

The artist has used a combination of shapes, colors, and the surroundings to capture the fortification of the grand structure behind. The angular frame suggests a cool breeze and the umbrellas highlight the rain.

A reproduced piece in oil form with a standard size of this painting suits well for the modern homes of the 21st century. It introduces an air of free expression at home. Not to mention, it binds couples together as a symbol of romance.

Strolling along a Country Road

Though this type of artwork had been popular back in the day, it didn’t stop Thomas to create imagery worth bringing home. The essence of the context in this painting is what sets it apart from its peers. It does give out the “strolling” effect as desired by the painter.

The right use of smudges, shades, and contour accentuates the path and the countryside-home feel. It brings out the casual atmosphere of a Sunday afternoon walk by the family. The ability of this painting to represent a common household is astonishing.

This picture represents the era of naturalism. It deserves to be adorned in the living rooms of households. It gives an aura of friendliness and casualty that makes it a perfect classic to have in your possession.

Le Pont Neuf Paris

This painting from Pierre is a buzzing subject of the impressionism era. His work on this art is intense and depicts a strong character surrounded in a casual and unassuming setting.

The layout and the design of the characters and positioning of the buildings make it a hustling street of local commute. The shadows behind people suggest afternoon heat and the car passing by suggests a busy working day. You can also perceive that the surrounding is sitting still and watching the drama.

This beautiful combination of texture, colors, and shapes brings a sense of familiarity. 1st art gallery can perfectly reproduce an oil painting of this class work as it was originally pained using oil pastels.

Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum

Vincent Van Gogh is a name that needs no introduction. The man’s domination in the post-impressionism era is well understood by the capture of this artistic amalgamation of colors, context, and shade. The heavy use of vibrant colors and detail work on the flooring is unreal and worthy of praise.

The depiction of a causal roadside café in the evening radiates cozy gossips, friendships, and a sense of belonging. The way Van Gogh has captured the far away tables and the waiter is commendable. This capture creates a sense of a portrait painting intended for homes.

The resemblance of this painting to the house next door makes it a take-me-home painting. It gives a message of camaraderie, freedom from stress, and negativity. It will bring an air of enthusiasm to any household that it embraces.

A Cart on the Snow Covered Road with Saint Simeon Farm

Claude is well known to capture the essence of fleeting thoughts from the impressionism era. It pushes the art lovers to see and imagine what is beyond representation on the canvas. The painting depicts the gloomy roads of Saint-Simeon farm and how one lives in the area.

By using the depiction of complete snow-covered roads, trees, and houses, Claude drives a point that whatever may come, life must go on. The smog around the trees and far away shows that the day is extremely short, and the daily tasks must be completed before it gets dark.

This radiant painting invokes a sense of solitude and the desire to live life the way it is. It would certainly bring clarity and thoughtfulness to any household embracing this artwork, handcrafted by 1st art gallery.


Casual paintings like that of streets and roads are overlooked by art lovers and undermined in its essence. It is equally important to see them in a new light and how they can add to the household.

Reproducing road paintings with the same passion as the artists who painted for the first time is a rarity. However, as the saying goes ‘where is a will, there is a way’, you can find the finest reproductions created by the abled artists at the 1st Art Gallery.